Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Review: 1:72 Zvezda German regular infantry

As I started out with using plastic kits for Flames of War, I found the reviews made by other hobbyists and gamers very useful. With the start of this project I thought I would offer some reviews of my own...

First up is this set from Zvezda...

1:72 German Regular Infantry... Zvezda produces an entire line of such kits for their own wargame: Art of Tactic. 

The kit includes five multi-part models and offers two different basing alternatives. The casts are clean, there is little to no flash, and the models are quite detailed. The plastic itself is of high quality and responds well to glue (unlike some of the softer plastic kits out there).

According to the box and the instructions the models are snap-fit (no glue required), and they went together without problem. I chose to glue them anyway, as I fully intend to use them for gaming purposes.

Due to the fact that these are multi-part models they offer some interesting poses. If I could  pinpoint anything negative about this kit, it would be the fact that the poses are pre-fixed and that there is little room for variation.

Final verdict? This wasn't the first Zvezda kit I purchased for my Bolt Action/Battlegroup project, and it most certainly won't be the last! At only €3,50 this little kit is quite affordable and offers some nice, good quality models. The fact that Zvezda offers a whole range of similar kits is a big bonus, too... 

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