Saturday 5 March 2016

US Armored reinforcements for Flames of War

Some more reinforcements for my US Flames of War forces... 

A Platoon of M10 Tank Destroyers... These models have been waiting for paint for a long, long time...

Together with my M36 Jacksons which I painted a year ago... I updated these with some new antennas. I think I came close enough to the older models, the new M10's will fit in without problem.

A M31 TRV... The model is still missing it's Commander, but he'll be painted soon. I enhanced the model with some stowage and tracks with dust guards.

And my current painting project (one of them)... A Platoon of M12 155mm SPG's. These models were in dire need of an overhaul, extra stowage and some sandbags.