Saturday 6 February 2016

Taskforce A reinforcements

For my Late War Taskforce A for Flames of War (from the Overlord book) I painted some armored reinforcements to further enhance the mobile ability of this list...

I have already played with the list several times, but so far always used a full Platoon of Combat Engineers and an Armored Rifle Platoon. The two new units will allow me to put more focus on armored support.

Four M8 Scotts... I added some stowage and improvised armor (a couple of sandbags) to tie them in with the rest of my armored forces.

These are the first models to be given my new style antenna... Before I used nylon brush hairs but these tended to get warped out of shape during transport. The new antennas are a bit shorter (only 35mm) and are made from a thin metal rod (.45mm in diameter).

Three new M4 Shermans... As with the Scotts I added stowage and Improvised armor. The model on the left doesn't need improvised armor as it already benefits from the special Swastika Ward Save...

Together with an armored M4 OP (from the Priest Battery) and the M4 with dozerblade from the Engineers.