Saturday, 9 January 2016

Review: 1:72 SdKfz 251/C Halftrack by Plastic Soldier Company

For my Battlegroup and/or Bolt Action project I recently picked up a box of 20mm plastic SdKfz 251/C Halftracks from Plastic Soldier Company. For my Flames of War Germans I have several of their 15mm kits. Picking up some of their 20mm kits seemed like the obvious choice..

The box contains three Halftracks, each on their own sprue. Apart from the basic Halftrack, the sprue contains stowage, crew, spare weapons and the option to arm the model with a 37mm gun.

The sprues contain some nice bits of stowage, spare weapons and, more important, a lot of crew...

The model is designed for gaming and thus lacks the finer details like antennas and mirrors (you know, the stuff that breaks at the slightest hint of a touch)... It is very easy to build and goes together in just a couple of minutes. The material is what you would expect from a company like PSC, high quality and sturdy plastic. 
The most fiddly parts, the machine guns, are even quite strong (I didn't even break one, yet...).

I left the top half of the Halftrack off, otherwise the inside is very difficult to paint (something I learned while painting the 15mm Halftracks). The magnet is used to keep my destoyed markers in place...

Together with it's smaller 15mm brother... The 15mm model is being painted, but is still a long way from finished.

As mentioned earlier, the Halftracks come with crew (I just noticed I still have to put in the driver). These models will be painted separately.

Final verdict? I am very pleased with the kit. Sure, you don't get rear-view mirrors (you want those, pick a brand like Italeri or Revell) but the kit is nicely detailed and very well suited to wargaming needs. The crew and stowage are both very nice and will help to individualize the otherwise identical models. 

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