Saturday, 9 January 2016

Blitzkrieg Germans for Flames of War

I've been collecting and painting Americans for Flames of War for a couple of years now, building a Company suited for both Mid War and Late War. For this project I relied (and still do) exclusively on Battlefront models.

Quite recently I started with Early war Germans... 

In the picture below is my Leichte Panzer Company from the Blitzkrieg book. It's still far from done, but I'm aiming to finish these models before the Early war tournament I'm going to attend.

When reading through this blog you might notice that I have a thing for plastic models... For my Germans I chose to take this a step further... I am going to use only plastic models for this project. The Panzer II's and Panzer IV's are from Zvezda, the Panzer III's are from Plastic Soldier Company and the Panzer I's are from Minairons. The Stuka is from Victrix, and is in 1:100 too.

Getting the models I need/want in plastic is a bit of a challenge, as there isn't a lot of the Early War period equipment available (yet)... Choices have to be made, consessions have to be done... For now, this Company is adequate, and I'm also working on some very nice Panzer 38(t)'s. However, I am very much looking forward to plastic 88's and plastic Recce vehicles...

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