Saturday, 9 January 2016

Armored reinforcements (again)

Soooooo, I accidentally deleted the message I posted yesterday (labelled Armored reinforcements)... I decided to take some new pictures and re-post the whole thing.

Two 6-Rads, both from Italeri... These models are incredibly detailed and not necessarily designed for gaming. Lots of fine details (antennas, rear-view mirrors and such) which I decided toleave on the sprue after I snapped off the barrel of the gun (twice). Beautiful models and a nice addition to my 20mm collection.

Size does matter... A couple of Panzer III's... The model on the left is a 1:72 Panzer III J from Italeri. This particular model is from their "Wargamer Approved" series. No thin and fiddly details (like the aformentioned rear-view mirrors and such) and easy to build. The smaller model is a 1:100 Panzer III F from Plastic Soldier Company and is an addition to my Early War Germans for Flames of War.

And a quick overview of most of the vehicles I put together recently... Top row, from left to right: Panzer II F, SdKfz 232 6-Rad with frame aerial and another 6-Rad (all from Italeri).
Bottom row, from left to right: SdKfz 250 Halftrack ( Plastic Soldier Company), SdKfz 265 Panzerbefehlswagen (First to Fight), Kfz 13 Armored Car (S-Models).

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