Sunday, 14 January 2018

A new Flames of War Project

With the release of V4 Flames of War I decided it was about time to re-boot my all-plastic German Army for Late War...

Triggered by the appearance of the plastic SdKfz. 231 8 Rad from PSC (which is an excellent kit, by the way) I set out to build an Aufklärungskompanie. I sold my old Company (Hermann Göring Panzerkompanie) and started building a new collection.

With an ever growing number of plastic kits to choose from, there are just so many options. The three main brands I have been using are Plastic Soldier Company, Battlefront and Zvezda, with PSC being my main supplier... In addition to these three brands I also use Shapeways to get 3D-printed models to fill the gaps between the main three ranges.

As the project is well underway already, I will start with a sneak peek of a selection of painted models...

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