Monday, 15 January 2018

Review: 1:100 Panzer IV Plastic Soldier Company

Now that my Company is ready for it's first tournament I figured I could do with another review... I need another Platoon of Panzers for the next tournament. Besides, you can never have enough Panzer IV, and I really like this kit... 

This is by no means a new kit, as it has been around for a couple of years now (according to the PSC website it was released back in 2011). 

The Panzer IV from PSC comes in a box of five (they are also available seperately). The box will retail at around £20,00.

The PSC Panzer IV kit allows you to build three different variants: the Panzer IV Ausf. F1/2, G and H. Suitable for service in mid to late war.

I will be building the Panzer IV H as an addition to my -all plastic- German Flames of War Company.

The sprue is packed with options to build all three different variants, two crew and some optional stowage, like spare tracks and jerrycans... The box also offers a one-piece track option, which is very nice. Especially the older PSC kits have tracks that are made of several parts, nothing too difficult, but the single piece saves some time.

All parts cut out of the sprue and laid out... To the left are all the pieces that are extra, either as optional stowage or those that are needed for the other variants.

The PSC Panzer IV uses a straight-forward pin and hole to connect the turrets to the hull. I prefer to magnetise all my models. This step takes a bit more time, but ensures for a smooth turnable turret and lines up with my magnetised smoke plumes which I use as destroyed-markers...

The rest of the kit goes together in just a couple of minutes. For this I highly recommend plastic glue!

All the parts fitt really well, there are no glaringly visible gaps. The Sch├╝rzen will be glued on after painting, but could also be glued on prior, whichever has your preference...

This wasn't my first Panzer IV from PSC... 

I don't know if it's a deliberate fix or just a happy accident, but the dimples in the gunmount are gone... All my previous models 'suffered' from this little flaw.

Highly detailed yet easy to build
Three variant options, crew and some optional stowage
Doesn't cost an arm and a leg

The box comes without any decals

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